Body Sculpting

Our practice is committed to providing the highest quality non-invasive aesthetic care in a professional and compassionate setting.

Let’s face it, we all want to look our best, and we all have parts of our bodies that we are insecure about. At Shaped Secretz, we want to help you not only look your best but feel your best. Like anything else, there is no magic cure to achieve your desired look. We care about your complete health and know that proper diet as well as exercise are crucial for you to achieve your goals. This is why we have developed tools, resources, and partnerships to offer you a complete health and wellness package. Shaped Secretz believes you must make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle because the results at our practice are only as good as the decisions you make once you leave.

With you on board with your new lifestyle commitment, Shaped Secretz will dedicate itself to providing you with customized treatments utilizing the latest technology to literally help you lose inches. Whatever your story or reason may be, we’re here to help you feel healthier, more confident, and more “Shaped”.

Body Sculpting

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our team provides the complete spectrum of non-invasive procedures to meet our patients' needs.

Courtney Lockridge

Licensed Non-invasive Aesthetic Practitioner
Certified Body Sculptor

Courtney Lockridge is a dedicated and compassionate licensed practitioner and certified body sculptor. She is committed to providing her clients with the highest level of expertise and quality of non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Always striving for the natural sculpted body, Courtney adheres to the philosophy of a balanced approach to cosmetic sculpting and appearance.

As an advocate of wellness, Courtney offers a full spectrum of medical and cosmetic procedures at Shaped Secretz to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. From body sculpting to weight loss management, she is always up to date on the most promising and innovative techniques used in aesthetics. Courtney aspires to make her patients feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident by putting their desired outcome into action. By successfully executing the smoothing wrinkles, reducing cellulite, tightening loose skin, or creating a sculpted hour glass figure, she can make any client's dream body a reality. When it comes to her patients, Courtney is more than just a body sculptor. She’s a trusted confidant, who helps clients make informed decisions on aesthetic procedures and treatments. This allows each patient to see both cosmetic and medical changes they never thought possible.

Katrina Robinson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Katrina has been a licensed massage therapist for 9 years, specializing in Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage massage, and deep tissue massage. She has a passion for helping the mind, body, and heart of her patients while taking a holistic approach with her treatments. With her expertise in massage, hands on training, extended education, and warm and uplifting personality, her patients are guaranteed optimal results.

Whether it's your first session with Katrina or your 100th, you're sure to never receive the same massage twice. Her ultimate goal for every individual client is to provide the very best customized therapies and bodywork. She accomplishes this by promising to honor their mind, body, and heart.

Financing Available

At Shaped Secretz Body Sculpting, we are committed to delivering our best services to you at fair prices. We’ll soon offer packages and financing to bring you the confidence you deserve without breaking the bank.

Here's How It Works:

Shaped Secretz Policies


In order to ensure that you obtain your desired scheduling, we recommend selecting your appointment date and time as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. To accommodate your desired appointment a credit card is required at the time of booking to guarantee your reservation. Gift Certificates may also be used in lieu of a credit card to hold your appointment. We hold this information as part of our cancellation policies and only make necessary charges to your account on the date of your scheduled service. Details of our cancellation policy are provided below.

**Please notify us of any allergies or sensitivities to aromas or ingredients when you schedule your appointment.**

Although we offer planned treatment packages for your convenience, you are welcome to combine any of our services for a custom package that meets your needs.

Cancellation Policies and Fees:

Your body sculpting treatments are reserved especially for you. We value your business and ask that you respect Shaped Secretz scheduling policies. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

Any cancellations with less than a 24 hours of notice are subject to a cancellation fee amounting to the cost of the scheduled service. Clients who miss their appointments without giving any prior notification will be charged in full for the scheduled service. We recognize the time of our clients and staff is valuable leading to the implementation of this policy. When you miss an appointment with us, we not only lose your business, but the potential business of other clients who could have scheduled an appointment for the same time. Additionally, many times our staff will be functioning in an “on call” status and may have travelled to our studio specifically for your appointment. For these reasons we are obligated to compensate our staff for their time as well as make up for the lost revenue.

When you schedule your appointment with us, you are agreeing to these policies. All services require a credit card or gift certificate to guarantee a reservation. Please have your credit card and/or gift certificate ready when booking. You will not be billed until services are rendered unless there is a cancellation or no show. Upon checkout, guests may choose their method of payment.

Group Bookings:

For parties of three or more, please contact us at least 5 days in advance. A completed contract and deposit are required to secure your appointment and arranged pricing. A 20% gratuity will be added to all parties. Exclusive use of the studio is available; please inquire for fees and available dates.

Cell Phones:

We kindly ask that you turn your cell phones and pagers to vibrate upon arrival. Remember to speak in your very soft voice once you enter the studio out of respect for other clients and technicians in order for everyone to have the best experience possible. Please inform your therapist if you need to make a phone call so that you may do so without disturbing other guests. Cell phone use may affect the length of your treatment.


Shave the treatment area the day before or the morning before the treatment. Leave all jewelry at home. Drink plenty of water on your scheduled days of procedure (1 to 2 Liter for best results). Refrain from alcoholic beverages, caffeine and fatty foods during the treatment regimen.

Exercise is not recommended on the day of treatment.

Results may be visible after the second session with maximum results visible 8-12 weeks after the last session.

All of our treatments are non-invasive, require no recovery time, and patients are able to immediately return to normal activities after the treatment. Post-procedure, patients may notice tingling in the areas treated for up to a few hours and/or slight muscle soreness or tenderness for 24-72 hours.

Initial Series of 4-8 recommended for everyone starting the program • Treatment Sessions should be spaced 2 to 5 days apart – Recommend 2 treatments per week – Do not allow more than 7 days in between treatments – Minimum 48 hours between each session • Maintenance Treatments can be performed every 2 to 3 months and as often as every month.

Varies depending on procedure but treatment can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

You can wear something light and comfortable, something easy to remove or change out of and change back into. You can also feel free to bring a change of clothes if you decide to do the infrared sauna session.

Yes it is permanent! Because it is for stubborn fat that will not release!.  It is specifically for men/women that cannot get rid of stubborn fat pockets no matter what. With our age and hormones and the way that our bodies are made we exercise (but we cannot spot reduce/spot train) and do all that we can and for some reason these stubborn fat pockets just will not release. So this ultrasound machine and ultrasonic waves are able to break open those fat cells and liquefy the fat.

The caffeine blocks your Lymphatic system and dehydrates you. It also restricts your blood vessels and cannot let the melted fat metabolize through the Liver very well.

Clients may experience pain or numbness in the treated area, discomfort or bruising, and/or an increase in urination during and after the Ultrasonic Cavitation and Wood Therapy sessions.  Clients may experience profuse perspiration (sweating) during the Sauna Wrap session.

Secretz Studios

Shaped Secretz, LLC also provides daily, weekly, and monthly studio rentals to business owners in the beauty industry.

Apply online and qualify within 24 hours!

1. Must have a DBA, LLC or Corporation.

2. Subject to Secretary of State Business Search.

3. Must have a Business EIN.

4. Must have a Business Bank Account.

5. Must be Certified/Licensed in your Industry.

6. Must have a General Liability Insurance


8. Must be a Vagaro client. ($25 per month),

Contact us at 213-277-5586 to schedule studio tour!

Studio Rental includes:

*Excludes Daily Parking Fee of $12 - $16 per day.

Studio Rental Rates Cabinet and Storage Space

Daily Rates starting at $75.00

Semi-Permanent Monthly Rate Savings of $550 Per Month

Private Studio Monthly Rate $750 Per Month


I don’t really want to go that route, I want more experience before I start my own business. Is there a way I can apply as an employee? Depending on your specific specialty, you can apply to work for Shaped Secretz Body Sculpting (employee application link).

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