The Slimming Detox Bundle

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The Slimming Detox Bundle is the first step to making a commitment to your health journey. Pair this bundle with a healthier lifestyle and you’ll reach your goals so effortlessly.

Our Slimming Detox Bundle includes:
1 Bag of Detox Slim Tea
1 Vial of Slim Drops
1 Bottle of Detox and Cleanse Herbal Supplements

Detox Slim Tea promotes weight loss, burns calories, boosts metabolism, cleanses the body, suppresses your appetite and increases your energy levels.

Our Slim Drops help increase your energy levels by burning fat for fuel. It also gently detoxifies the digestive system.

Shaped Secretz Detox and Cleanse Herbal Supplements is a liver cleanser that accelerates fat burning, supports liver health, protects against toxins, and improves digestion.


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